Insurance Information

At MEDFIELD DENTAL, we are in-network with the following dental insurance plans- 
BlueCross BlueShield DentalBlue, Delta Dental DMIC & Premier Plans, and Cigna PPO

We are not responsible for verifying patient insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance company prior to your next appointment to determine your network status and coverage. 

We understand that dental insurance can be confusing and daunting for patients and at Medfield Dental, we do our best to help our patients understand their insurance policy. Below are a few pieces of general information about dental insurance that we feel may be helpful! 

Dental Insurance is very different from health insurance. While it is called "insurance", the best way to describe dental insurance is as a discount program in which the insurance company pays a portion of most procedures performed, leaving the patient portion to be less than the total procedure fee (and sometimes there is no patient portion at all). Dental insurance almost never pays 100% for any procedure and most insurance companies pay for services based on three different tiers of service (Preventive & Diagnostic, Basic Restorative, & Major Restorative) and each tier has its own percentage of coverage. 

insurance graph

Preventive & Diagnostic procedures are typically covered at the highest percentage. This category would most often include services such as cleanings, exams, x-rays, sealants, and fluoride. The next tier is Basic Restorative, which would include fillings, bondings, endodontic care, extractions as well as many more services. The last tier paid at the lowest percentage is Major Restorative which includes crowns, bridges, implants and other major procedures. Every plan is different, but most plans follow this general tier system. 

Patients with In-Network insurance are also typically eligible for contractual fee reductions which would lesson the cost of most procedures. If you are unsure whether we are In-Network with your insurance, we recommend calling your insurance company to verify that information prior to calling our office. 

If you have any questions after you have spoken with your insurance company, please feel free to call us at 508-359-6900 today!